19 September 2011

exciting news!

I am seriously so so so excited to be "officially" connected with an adoption agency.  A huge thank you to one of my favorite friends, Katie, who recommended this agency to us!
They are reviewing our home study as we speak (type).

Here are our next steps:
* they accept us
*  we fill out their application
*  pay our agency fee
*  give them our profile book
*  wait for a birth mother to choose us.

That's it!!
I feel like there should be like a bazillion more steps but we are so almost done and down to the waiting!
I do realize though that the waiting is the hard part, trust me.
Anyway, I like to make sure that I post these things as they happen, so I have the exact dates documented for my future self :)
We are in.
Like Flynn!


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  1. From a birthmom to you I wish you guys the best. I know you guys have been wanting this for a long time as long as I can remember on your blog.

    Love and prayers going your way. Gina

  2. awesome news! so much closer! I am happy for you guys.

  3. That is beyond exciting! Best of luck! I'll be preying for you guys!

  4. HA! slip of the fingers!! *PRAYING!

    oh my goodness...

  5. Congratulations. So so very exciting. One step closer!

  6. Congrats!! That's so exciting!

  7. Yay Congrats and best of luck with the following steps :)

  8. Eeeek! So exciting!


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