21 December 2008

More cute headbands!

Ummm...not sure if I am obsessed but I made more cutie pie headbands today :) I am telling you what this online class (which ended today :( ) has inspired me to create all of the time. I love it. All of my free time is being spent creating and it is such a great feeling :) Here are some of the headbands that i made today (and better pics of the ones I made yesterday.

And just so you can see how these are supposed to be worn and how much cuter they are when they are being worn, here is a picture of Elsie wearing the one that she made:

Today I have been chilling by the fire place, listening to music and unfortunately, I have now been sucked in to The Real Housewives of Orange County marathon :P
I finished wrapping all of my gifts:

Also, I need this bed. It is a total DIY bed that I am going to attempt to make. My Ikea bed is broken and now my bed is sitting on the floor with the base around it so I literally feel like I am sleeping in a crib of sorts. It's hilarious. So, I need a new bed and I think that this will be a cool project and an awesome solution. I L-O-V-E the bookshelves that are built in!!! Can anyone help me build this??

Ok lovelies :) I am off to continue relaxing with Catalina and catching up on my December Daily Album.


  1. Ummmmmmm, hello, why wasn't church on the list of activities for today??????

    BTW, what does :D stand for. I see it in your writing a lot and I was just curious.

  2. WOW!! You should totally enlist my husband to help build your bed.....he is a cabinet maker you know :)

  3. Love the head bands you made!

    Okay, now that you explained :D, what is :P. Is that someone sticking out their tongue?


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