20 December 2008

First Day of Christmas Break!! Yay!

Today is the official first day of my Christmas Break for school. The kids were ready for a break and I was even more ready :D My mom and I did some super fun shopping today and then I was back at home to craft like crazy!! First off, I did the Target pom-poms on my gifts and I absolutely LOVE them. I will never buy another bow again!! I only had two Target bags though so I need to go swipe some more :D

(p.s. all of the pics for this post are super fuzzy and yucky but I don't want to retake all of the pictures)
Next, after wrapping gifts (which I loved) I started making some cutie headbands. All of the little girls at my school wear those stretchy really thing sporty headbands with their ponytails. During my Elsie class, she showed us how to embellish these headbands and dress them up a bit. Nicole made me a really cute one that I wore yesterday and the fifth grade girls went nuts over them (how cool I am I to be a fifth grade trend setter? HA!) So, today I made three more. Sooooo cute!!

Next I painted, me, yes that's right :) I painted a painting for Adam for part of his Christmas present. I obviously can't post a picture of it but it really is soooo cool and it really did spark a possible new hobby for me!
I also made little presents for Adam's sisters' today as well that I can't post :( They will see them if I do! Also, I didn't do these today but they were another project from my Elsiecake class. Here are 2 cutie pie teddy bears I made that represent Adam and I. I'm the dark one :D

And finally, I made he and I some new, personalized stockings for our first Christmas together. (Wow, this is super cheezy but I got teary just writing that :P) I love them and I am still working on Catalina's...so cute!!

So, now I am off to go up to my church where they have a Live Nativity scene going all weekend. It is definitely such a treat to see. I actually was blessed to have the opportunity of playing Mary in it a few years ago. I think the best way to close up my night of Christmas fun and to start my Christmas break would be to go see the true and amazing reason for Christmas. The best gift that anyone could ever ask for....Baby Jesus!!
God Bless all of you :)
Good night!!

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