14 December 2008

A Merry Cha-Cha Christmas

I am not sure that I express how much I love my friends enough. My group of girl friends in college were called the Cha-Chas. We were way too cool to join one of the two soroities in college so we created are own and somewhere between an American Eagle T-shirt and my birthday we became known as the Cha-Cha's. We have sweat pants and T-shirts and many crazy videos to prove it. I love my friends. Seriously whoever said highschool is the best years of your life, must not have gone to college.
Well, tonight was our annual Cha-Cha holiday pot luck. Unfortunately, this is the one event a year when we see some of our friends. You know how it is, life happens, jobs, husbands, moves, all of that and it is hard to get everyone together under one roof. Every year we have sooooooo much fun and we promise to hang out more often and, there again, life happens :)
So, here are some pictures of my amazingly beautiful, inside and out, BFF's The Cha-Chas....I miss you girls already and it has only been an hour!!!!
(P.S. the party was at Suzie's new house this year and her new puppy, Marley, was the most popular girl there....so stinkin cute)!


  1. Looks like you gals or should I say cha chas had a great time!

  2. yay cha-chas! :) it's katie...mankus that is. now you know! cute pics!

  3. I think someone is missing, that would be me. I don't really do the blog thing, so I'm just now looking over this. Miss you.


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