03 December 2008

Holy Freezing Cold Batman!!

Tonight was super fun....After school my aunt and I did a lot of mission trip shopping. Every Christmas (as posted before) we go down to Reynosa, Mexico to a small colonia built in a trash dump, and build homes for the beautiful, amazing, loving families who live there. I have posted about this experience before so I won't go into all of the details and how if home is where the heart is, then Reynosa truly is my home!
Anyway the trip is just around the corner and we always take a ton of shoe boxes filled with Christmas gifts for all of the children in the colonia. So, tonight we went shopping and filled three carts with goodies. I love it!! It was a lot of fun. I also found some neat little holiday, sparkly items to turn into some kitschy holiday garland (inspired by Elsie's class)!!
The streets, driving home, were absolutely ridiculous. It was like driving on an ice rink for awhile there. So, now I am at home, resting sagely, off of the icy road and hoping for a snow day miracle tomorrow!!
Pray for it with me :)
Note: I am loving my Daily December Journal and can not wait to shower my blog with pics :)
Note 2: I received my order from Urban Outfitters today containing all of these fun things:

I am very excited to start using the Obama spray paint stencil to make things. Does anyone want an Obama anything?? I will make some free bee's on request. Just comment me and I will hook you up!! Tote Bag, Tshirt, or apron...FREE! Just leave a comment :) Yay!
Ok loves, I am off to dream about the lovely original painting I scored today during Elsie's Etsy update....sigh :)
Happy Wednesday!!!
Pray one more time for a St. Louis snow day :)


  1. i totally have those glasses from UO. love themmm :]

  2. Ummmm, obama apron for the classroom???
    Love you and cannot wait for sister craft day tomorrow!!!

  3. No thanks on the Obama stuff!
    You are so thoughtful to ask though.....thanks for helping me shop. It was really fun hanging out with you....hugs and kisses


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