31 December 2008

28 hours!

So, I am not sure how a 19 hour drive turned into a 28 hour drive but it did :) I guess we made a lot of stops :) We had a lot of fun though and we decided that if we could make it through that drive, we could make it through anything right? We had a blast. We played old school road trip games and we saw 38 out of 50 license plates and then two Canadian providences which was awesome. We even had a little map and sparkely stickers to keep track of it. It was sooo much fun!
If you know me, you know that when I heard this place was on the way to Massachusetts, I HAD to go and drive around and be able to say that I was there !!

I'm a nerd, this I know!
So, here I am in SCRANTON of yes Office Fans!!

I didn't get many pictures because seriously, Scranton was a bit shady. I realize that The Office isn't filmed there in real life but they had nothing anywhere that was Office-ish. So, we just found the pics that they show in the begininng of each show and found Mifflin street, fun things like that.
Here are the only road trip pictures that we took:)

Obviously, these pics aren't that exciting if you aren't a die hard Office fan like us. We broke up our looooong drive by a stay in Akron, Ohio and then we made our way to Spencer, Mass at midnight on the 27th!!

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