08 December 2008

This past weekend...

On Saturday, Nicole and I had an all day Sister Craft-a-thon planned. It was a day full of felt, embroidery thread, hoops, paint, presents, charms, donuts, and DQ. What more could a girl ask for seriously?? She came in at about 9:00 am and then left at about 4:00ish. My hands seriously were aching from all of the crafting but it was sooooo worth it!! Here are some pics from our day of crafts:

I actually started a painting...something I would have never ever thought of doing in my life, but so far...so good! I may post a pic when it is done :) Adam came over Saturday as a little surprise:) We had tons of fun playing The Office DVD Board Game and then spending 2 hours at Borders. We love book stores just as much as we love books!! Here we are having fun at Borders on Saturday night (It doesn't get any cooler than that, eh?)!

Sunday, after an amazing Advent Sermon (my favorite kind), Adam, my mom and I went dream home shopping in New Town. Ever since New TOwn was built, about 10 years ago, I have dreamed to live there. It is so stinkin cute, and colorful, and they are now building an art district!!!! Perrrrrrfect! Nicole and I have big plans to take that over:)
So, Adam and I fell in love all over again while house shopping. We saw houses that were ridiculously large and huge and wicked pricy. We also found some that were sooooo perfect but still too pricy for us. I am lucky that my mom and Adam were there to be the "reasonable" ones. I am too much of a dreamer. It was super fun! Here is Adam and I standing in front of our favorite house that will sooo be ours in like 2 years and 2 lottery ticket winnings in the future!

Lastly, a weekend is obviously not an awesome weekend unless it is ended with a fashion show right?? Well, how about a fashion show put on by your mom :) I let my mom go through all of my old clothes that are TOO SMALL for me now (1/2 of them still have the tags on them still). She was so cute. She definitely was humoring me by putting on some of these outfits :D

And yes, my lovely friends, that is my mom in leggings and Jellies!! And... What!??
Lovely weekend.
I can not wait for the next one!!!
Happy almost over Monday :)


  1. mmmm...veranda house...or was it montebello...

    gimme gimme gimme :)

    I just want the kitchen with the marble counter tops, the big cabinets, the stainless steel appliances, the island complete with complimentary bookshelf for cook books, and the hood over the stove top for vent!

    Ok, also give me the 'hide-a-way second floor man town', the italian grotto shower, and the billiard table in the basement. With room for an exercise room. And that's it.

    Soooo much fun babe - I love you times a million!

  2. Loved this post. "...fell in love all over again...." - LOVED THAT! You two are toooooo cute!

  3. I wish you lived closer the craft day sounds like soooo much fun! Ok actually, what I really want is to see your mom dressed up in person!! :)
    We are very, very, very excited that you guys are coming during Christmas week. We have a BUNCH of surprised planned - You a going to llloooovvvee it!

  4. 1. did you find your disk at your mom's? i sent chris out finally last night! hope you got them and love them!

    2. can i hire you to make my kids some felt food? and can i pay you in photos to embroider me something cool??? seriously, as many photos shoots as you want for some really cool funky take on the family embroidered piece for our wall!

    3. i am in LOVE with your mom! she has better style than i ever will! can i photograph HER??? so cute!!!

    4. i think adam looks so handsome in glasses! :)

    5. at home with 3 kids for 17 hours today and ignoring the running and screaming while i blog hop! :)

    6. happy weekend!


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