12 December 2008

Picture Stinkin' Perfect...

If I do say so myself :)
Yay!! We received the disk with the rest of our engagement proofs today!!!
Oh my goodness...we are sooooo stinkin cute!!
Jodie is soooo stinkin talented!!
Here are some of the new ones that weren't previously posted with our sneak peak!!

The coolest part about it is that she completely captured our happiness to have each other and to be with each other. I am seriously soooo blessed to be marrying Adam. I love him completely :) Can't you tell!! :D


  1. She did capture the love between you two. What a happy lovely couple. You will have many years of fun and bliss.

  2. LUV the pics! You two are sooooo adorable. And, yes, she captured the essence of your relationship.

  3. Cuuuuute!
    Sixth from the bottom is my favorite!


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