30 December 2008

Soooo behind!

Oh my goodness I am sooo behind on posting. There has been a lot of great things to post about but just no time to do it. So, I will start off with Christmas Eve Eve.

This year, with so many things going on and so many different people to celebrate the season with, we decided to do our "immediate" family present exchange on Christmas Eve Eve. It was sooo much fun and I got so many wonderful beautiful things from my parents and Nicole. Unfortunately, I apparently didn't downlad any of those pictures onto my computer because they were on my old camera. WHAT did I say? Old camera? Yeah, that's right! Check out my NEW camera, that my parents surprised both Nicole and I with :)

Seriously, it has not left my side, since I opened it. And because walking into my dad's bedroom is a lot like walking into Creve Couer camera, I am also having a lot of fun with all of these:

See...here we have Nicole times a thousand :)

After all of that fun stuff, Adam got to my parents house (safely!) and we headed over to my house to exhange gifts with each other. Ahhhh! Our first Christmas of many :) It really was special but I am not going to bore you all with the sappyness.
Let's see.. I got Adam this AWESOME name collage from HERE! Love it (kind of a present for him, yet secretly for me).

I also created a painting for him :)

Who would have thought that MY soulmate would harbor those qualities, eh?
And finally, after opening a box within a box within a box (times 15), he got a little handmade coupon book (the one thing that he asked for). Little things like, "I have to go grocery shopping with you one time." Fun stuff like that :)

And then, a TOTAL surprise to me, Adam proved to know me perfectly and got me:

which hopefully soon I can completely bling it out to look like this:

Love love love. (Side note: My brain age is a 21 with 20 being the best, and Adam's is a 34!) Yes!
Other beautiful lovely things that came in the mail on Christmas Eve Eve
I got four of these little cuties (which all smell AMAZING!):

and my beautiful Elsie Originals which are all hanging proudly in my hallway:

Ok, that is it for right now but I promise to be back later with Christmas Eve pics!!!
Love you!


  1. LOVE the DS! If you ever need lessons on some of the games, Ali is a DS expert :)

  2. woo hoo, new camera!!!!!! exciting!


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