02 December 2008

love love love

Do you love my new blog header as much as I do?? I am so excited about it!! My new online friend Holly Sarah (who I met through Elsie's online class) created it for me, and I adore it!! Holly Sarah is definitely one of the most creative people in the class. Her work is soooo inspiring and it always puts a smile on my face!!
The best part about it...she has an Etsy shop!! That means that I can buy and have some of her awesome creations (and so can you!!) Yesterday I recieved this awesome Eco-journal made of 100% recycled materials....looooove it! She puts so much extra detail in her work!

I am sooo excited to start filling it!
She also has these gorgeous neck warmers that she crochets (I have this one on my wishlist this year for Christmas :D)
It's cashmere..and so affordable!!

SO, yeah, she's pretty stinkin cool!! Check her out!
Her blog is HERE!
Etsy shop is HERE!
Thank you thank you thank you Holly Sarah! This boring looking blog really needed something to spice it up :)
love it love it love it


  1. YES the blog header is fabulous!looooove it! xoxox

  2. i, too, love her. haha and I have one of her Woodland journals and it is remarkable!

    Plus, I'm also in Elsie's class. Isn't it WONDERFUL!? i'm getting SO much inspiration and I'm working on Elsie-inspired Christmas gifts right now!

    Hope you're getting a lot out of it!

  3. Holly's tha bomb! :) Great header!

    Your blog is so cute!!! LOVE your Daily December album!!! Great job!

    (I'm in Elsie's class with you and found you from Holly's post.)

  4. totally love the new header and LOVE HOLLY!!!

    (hey just a suggestion...if you want to get rid of the lines around your header go to: fonts and colors in the "layout" section of your blog... and turn the "border color" to white. that way your header will stand out even more. just a thought! )



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