16 December 2008

A Few Pretties that are inspiring me

I am not sure if I am cool enough to create the AMAZING Christmas tree but that heart made out of pictures may be in my near future :) I also looooove the vintage camera display. I could totally do that because I have a bagillion vintage cameras sitting in a box somewhere out there!!
I am feeling crafty!!!


  1. You are the craftiest person I know!

    And I miss you and love you insanely :(p)

  2. I LOVE the camera display. What a treat.

  3. Love the Christmas tree and the heart over the bed.

  4. I LOVE these!!!! I definitely want to do the heart one in my bedroom!!!! It would be cool with black and white photos and one color/red one in the middle or outlined in reddish photos and b/w in the middle too. Awesome ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Hope you don't mind if I share on my blog later too!!!! :)

  5. You could so totally do the heart one over your bed. It would look cool and you are so crafty. (I agree with Scotch Disciple - you are the craftiest person I know!)


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