27 June 2012

Prompt 27

Raise your hand if you are going to keep up with the journaling, even after this challenge is over?
I know I am!  Another cool thing to note is that I have done this challenge the past 2 years as well so there are many more prompts to find on this blog if you look into the archives :) That way, if you need the prompts to stay motivated, you have them!!!

Journal Prompt:  What is something that touched your heart today?

My Page:

I have heard this song many many times and each time I hear it, it almost makes me cry.  This song really speaks to my heart, especially this line.  It's so true and beautiful and it makes my heart happy. 



  1. Love Casting Crowns!!

    Here's my entry for today ... I can't believe we're almost done!


  2. What a beautiful lyric! Great prompt too - thanks for sharing Janel!!!

  3. Thank you again for the challenge, it was super fun to do! :)
    Here's my page 27 plus two other pages: http://whiterabbittreasures.blogspot.com/2012/07/30-day-journal-challenge-last-days.html


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