14 June 2012

Prompt 14

Journal Prompt:  What roles do you play?  Easy Peasy prompt today :)

My Page:

I'm trying to think of a few more "roles" for my page. I wanted to get my page finished and up before I left for the day.
 I have a big fun day with my mom and sister today to pamper her before her new baby is born!!  So exciting.


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  1. Great page, love the tape and doodles you used!! This is a great prompt and will be fun to think of all the roles I play each day.

    Have fun with your mom/sis today, what a sweet treat for all of you.

    This month seems to be flying by already, wish it would slow down!

  2. Thank you for an easy day! I needed that! But I put in extra effort anyway...


    Hope you had a great day with your family.

  3. I discovered your blog yesterday and quickly bookmarked it into my favourites folder! I loved the idea of the Journal Challenge, so ran out today and picked one up! So far i'm playing catch up and am up to prompt 4.
    I've enjoyed reading back through your archives a little bit, and look forward to catching up with the challenge!

  4. Yay I've been catching up, here's my pages 1-14: http://whiterabbittreasures.blogspot.com/2012/06/30-day-journal-challenge-days-1-14.html
    This has been so much fun to do and has made me think about stuff and draw more, which is super :)


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