13 June 2012

for just a minute...

Can we just talk, for a minute, about how amazing my DAUGHTER is??

Every single day is filled with hundreds of blessings because of her.
Her smiles make my days.

Her laughs, oh my goodness.
They are the best.

The way she always wants to hold my finger when she lays by me and snuggles into me is the BEST.
Neither Adam or I can even remember life before Amelia.
love. love. love.


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  1. She just gets more beautiful each day. It's true they make such an imprint on our hearts that can never be replaced. I think that's what God intended and why he made them so cute. ;) he knew we couldnt resist. She is precious and what a wonderful little smile. Discovering their personality and seeing it change is so much fun.

  2. I really just need to tell you that her outfits make me smile :) She always has on such cute tops and bottoms, and without being all HEY I'M A GIRL, the headband says it nicely :)

  3. I am so happy for the blessing the Lord has given you. She is adorable. BTW, can you share where you got that precious knit doll? I'm noticing it's not always easy to find african american dolls out there :-) Thanks.

  4. Such an adorable little one she is. God has blessed you greatly.
    Would you mind sharing where you got Amelia's doll from? It's so cute.

  5. I know what you mean about not remembering life before Amelia. I cannot remember life before my daughter, either, although, surely it existed...right??

  6. She is so darling!! <3


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