23 June 2012

Prompt 23

It's so good to see so many of you all are still in the challenge.  Your emails and comments and Flickr pages are just awesome!!  Keep it up :)

Journal Prompt:  Today is a free choice page!!!  A free choice page means that you can create a page using whatever you want and journaling about anything you want!!  Have fun with this one guys! 

My page:  

This page started out like so many of my pages.  I was sitting there in bed, hanging out with Adam and Amelia and I was clueless as to what I wanted to journal about for a free choice page.  Anyway, I was looking at Amelia's little hand wrapped around Adam's giant hand!  I thought it was so cute.  I asked Adam  if I could trace his hand in the journal and then I traced my hand inside of his and then Amelia's inside of mine.  I love seeing the contrast in the sizes of our hands and it's such a cute little symbolic picture of our little family!!  After that, the doodling took over :)  I love this page and I am thinking that I want to do something similar on a canvas to hang in our home for sure.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!


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  1. Owow you are so creative! That's so cute! Good job :) Kisses from Cyprus

    1. Thank you!! And how cool that you are all the way in Cyprus!! love it :)

  2. There's no way we could fit all 7 of our handprints on one page and still see each of them (many of the kids hands are bigger than mine!), but this is so perfectly adorable for the three of you. :) Love.

    I posted my page on my blog at http://mamaflock.blogspot.com/2012/06/journaling-day-23.html

    Thanks for all your fun comments - I love hearing the feedback!

    1. You are so sweet :) Im off to check out your page now!!


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