25 June 2012

Prompt 25

So, you all have been inspiring me so much with your pages that I have been really trying a lot of new things in my journals!!  Today I used a lot of watercolor paints due to all of the watercolor painting I have seen in our little Flickr group!! You all rock!!!

Journal Prompt:  "My wish for you..."  We all have dreams for our children, significant others, friends, and family.  Some of these wishes we can share with them while others we keep silent.  Today you are going to write out your wish for a specific person in your life.  You can be vague and keep in anonymous, or you can wish it out loud for them to see.  It's up to you!!

My page:

This is my wish for my sweet little Amelia.   This little blessing is so special and amazing and my wish for her is that she will always know that.  I can't wait for her to read this someday :)


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  1. I'm caught up again, thankfully. Your page is really beautiful, Janel. She is going to love reading this one day.

    Here's mine:


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