12 June 2012

Prompt 12

Good Morning!!
How are you all doing?
Here is your prompt for today!!

Journal Prompt:  What are some of your favorite places or spaces?  Document them.  Add brochures, use photographs, doodle, sketch, etc.  Show us some of your most favorite places and spaces.

My page:

I started out pretty general and local and then I decided to go bigger with it and I thought about all of the places, in all of the world, that were my favorite.
I also started out with just my drawings but remembered my goal to add more elements to my pages so I used some photos, and colored pencils as well.
Also, I just realized that I wrote the wrong date on this page!! Lol.  Mistakes happen :)


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  1. I think your page is cute, it does have a little bit of everything. Love having this 10mts of creative time each day, thanks so much for doing this!!

    1. Good!! I love having the time too!! It's so important I think :)

  2. My day was full! But I did manage to squeak in a journal page right at the end and posted it here: http://mamaflock.blogspot.com/2012/06/journaling-day-12.html .

    :) Thank you, Janel.


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