26 June 2012

Prompt 26

Good Morning Sunshines :)  Day 26 is here, and that means that this is our last week together for the challenge.  Crazy!!!
Are you ready?

Journal Prompt:  This is another oldie but goodie.  Journal about your day.  Illustrate it, write it out...whatever.  Sometimes even the little mundane details of your day are just as special to document and commit to memory. 

My page:

I actually created my page Sunday night when I was sitting at my desk.  This is my normal journaling routine a lot of the time.  I like capturing all of these small moments.  Adam left for Massachusetts on Sunday so I had the whole day with my girl :)  There was lots of snuggling and playing involved.
Alright, happy journaling!!



  1. i wish i could draw like you. i love looking at your journal challenge pages!

  2. This is so cute, love your drawings. Today will be a good day for me to document, mix of all kinds of things.

    Loved the prompt from yesterday, your letter was so sweet!! She will love reading this one day. The colors are pretty together.

  3. Ran out of room to do the "whole" day, so I did as much as I could fit. What a fun document of our day, though. Great idea, Janel!!



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