20 October 2012

Amelia's New Nursery

Last Saturday, was the day I decided to do Amelia's Nursery Makeover!!  I painted the room "Lincoln's White Sash" the night before but it only took me 9 hours total to complete the entire makeover.  Besides the crib, book shelf, and changing table, everything else in the room is completely different. 
Are you ready for the tour?
Here we go!

I went with a "black and white and bright" theme.  As I mentioned before, I really wanted to streamline her room and make it more practical for a little one on the move.  Less clutter, more cute.

Since I am sure I will get questions about where I purchased things, I will link the items that stand out.  I am going to link the original sources to buy each of these items.  Most of them, I got from those shops but others I bought second hand for a way cheaper price :)

Some items, like these two plushies, were things I had forever but never pulled out for Amelia because she was too little.  This was the perfect time :)

This little corner holds all of Amelia's toys and will hopefully someday be a little reading corner for her as well :)

Here is another little view if you are looking into the nursery from the door.  This gives you a better idea of placement plus it shows the amazing lamp that my sister found on clearance at Target for $4.97.  Score!

This is Amelia's little wall of art.  I hope to build on it as I find more things that I love or as she creates more art.  Most of these were prints that I had collected throughout the years for her and didn't pull out of their envelops until now :)

*  This is the start... Print (I can't remember where I got this! If you know, link me)
*  Painting by Amelia
*  Painted Spoon by me :)

Her bookshelf full of books and little special toys :)

Ok, here is the other side of the room.  Here we have her changing table area, a new chalkboard wall, and a vintage school desk that serves as a table for misc. items :)

I am in love with this curtain.  I thought it was sooo cute and perfect for Amelia and her room.  The little vintage green box was from a yard sale and holds misc things like Amelia's earring care solution, neosporin, lotion, etc.

The jars were a quick and easy DIY project with mason jars, plastic toys, and spray paint :)  Easy peasy and oh so cute!!  The large jar houses Amelia's hair bows and the other three house chalk, crayon rings and crayon gems!

Every room needs a chalkboard wall right?!  Espeically when your mom and aunt are art teachers!!  I can't wait for her to be able draw all over this wall.  It makes me so happy just thinking about it.

My sister also scored that cute chevron pouffe somewhere on ridiculous clearance and is letting us have it for the time being.  The chair is a vintage school chair, the rug is Dwell
That is it!! I am so happy with the way it turned out. I was super excited that my vision became a reality with this room in 9 short hours too!
It fits Amelia's bright little personality perfectly as well.

Thanks for checking it out :)



  1. It looks WONDERFUL! Love all of the graphic patterns.

  2. It looks lovely. I adore the wall of art and the chevrons. BUt...I warn you that little basket of toys in the corner - is never goona be big enough as she grows up!! My house is crammed with pink plastic

  3. I LOVE IT!! I just love everything you've done to the room. And the knitted teddies are just adorable.

  4. It's just so lovely. I love what you've done to the room. And I love the knitted teddybears :o)


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