06 October 2012

Project Life-Week 39

Alright, here is the last pages of what I needed to catch up on.  Last week was week 40, and I will share that tomorrow!  Yay, caught up!!

Week 39

I love my new stamps from Kelly Purkey, I repeated the "Field Notes" stamp all over a blank 6x4 notecard for the weekly title card.  I have a few of her stamps, and I use them a lot in my Project Life journal.  Love!!  
Let's see, this week:
*Adam and I started teaching The Youth Sunday School class which has been a total blessing.
*  I went crazy for the WalMart tribal leggings ($3.88!!!) along with all of my Instagram closet friends.
*  We worked on Amelia's Frida Halloween costume
*  My mom came home from San Francisco with 2 pieces of Pumpkin Spice Ghiradelli chocolate squares.  They are heavenly and NO WHERE to be found in St. Louis.  (I would love for someone to send me some if they find it, I will pay you)!!

*  We have started spending Sundays at my parents' house with Nicole and Jack!! I love getting the whole family together and for Amelia to spend time with her cousin :)

*  we got a lot of mail
*  we sent out a lot of mail too :)
*  I got Adam tickets to Paul McCartney for his birthday!!  I am sooooo excited!!
*  We started planning a party for Amelia's Gotcha Day
*  and my sweet little baby turned 7 months.  Crazy!!
My pages are simple and pretty self-explanatory.
This is still the greatest project I have done. 
Still loving it.


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