10 October 2012

Fall Recipe Book- DIY

Today we are going to be creating a small recipe book that you can use to create a collection of your favorite fall recipes.  I made this two years ago, and decided that now would be a great time to share it with the fall season in full swing!

  I will be the first one to admit, I can not and do not cook :)  I thought that this would be a great way to share recipes and talk fall foods and maybe try something new :)
Obviously you can create your book any way that you would like, I am going to share with you all how I created mine!  Everything that I used for this book, I had laying around my house.  It is super simple and super cheap:

Here are the materials that I used :

* a file folder for my journal base
*  graph paper 
* double sided fall themed scrapbook papers 
* 2 pieces of fall colored ribbon
* a hole puncher
*  masking tape
* woodgrain contact paper
*some fall themed stickers
* vintage fabric in fall colors
* embroidery floss
* fall colored buttons
* 2 silver metal rings for binding :)

* random vintage papers

and here are the super easy steps I took to make my cute little recipe book/journal :)

1.  Cut you file folder in half, straight across the middle.  If you aren't using a file folder, my only stipulation is that your recipe book is larger than 4x6 (you will see why later).  My file folder was green and the inside was this kraft paper color so I flipped my folder inside out :)

2.  Use your stickers, papers, contact paper, and ribbon to create an eye-catching cover :)  I did a lot of layering and color coordinating here :

3.  I used some of my embroidery floss to create just a little added detail of stitching on the ribbon :)

4. I also created a cute flower detail with the vintage fabric and embroidery floss :)

First I cut out three circular shapes from my fabric...

Next I pinched the fabric in the middle and held it in place while I stitched an "x" in the middle to hold my little flower in place on the book.

I decided to make three of these because I loved them so much!

5.  I added a piece of masking tape down the binding to give it a different look :)  Ta-da! you now have your book cover!! 

6.  Hole punch two holes on the binding so that you will be able to place your rings in to hold the entire book together :)  I also used a pair of scissors to round the corners of my book :)  I love the look of rounded corners.

7.  Cut all of your inner pages to size and punch the holes in the side as well!  I also added some stickers to my plain pages to give it more detail :)

8.  Put it all together and bind it with your rings!!

9.  Look at your book and drool over how cute it is!

I hope you put yours to good use!
If you have any great fall recipes on your blog, link me up so I can add it to my book.


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