08 October 2012

Super Easy Fall Decor- Pyrex Collections

One super cheap, super cute way that I decorate for the seasons is with my trusty pyrex bowls :)  The reason I love pyrex, is for the color schemes and patterns!  I also like them because they come in sets of four (different sizes) which are perfect for little groupings. Plus, you can almost always find them at thrift stores, or your grandma's house :)

Again, I want to reitterate that this is not an original idea of mine, in fact, I first got this idea from my grandma :)
So, in my house I have these bowl either sitting in groups or as a single next to other things like lamps, on a bookshelf, as a centerpiece, etc.
Here are some ideas of what you can fill your bowls with to celebrate fall :)

*  Bringing the outside, in!
We don't have any acorns yet, but I usually fill a bowl with acorns and place that bowl next to the pine cones :)

*  fall crafty items like thread (fall makes me want to sew lots of quilts)

* yarn balls or even a bowl of granny squares (would look really cute next to a crocheted pumpkin :D)

*  or buttons in fall colors like brown and gold!

Some other ideas for the bowls are:
*  apples
*  gourds
*  candy
*  leafs
*  tubes of paint in fall colors
*  what are your ideas??

I also use other things from around my house to make other little clusters and collections to celebrate fall!
Here are two of my other little fall collections that are out in my house right now!!!

I would love to see some of your fall collections.
I would also like to hear some of your ideas in the comments section.



  1. also perfect for holding candy corn on my coffee table!! WAHOO FALL!


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