28 October 2012

Halloween 2012

This weekend was full of Halloween fun.  Friday night was my sister's annual Halloween Hoopla.  It was a blast as always.  I got to see "my girls" which made everything even better :)

Adam and I were Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarity (Holmes' arch rival).
I am super proud to say that I sewed my very own cape, with hood and it took about 20 minutes.  Score!! I love it and will totally wear it again.

My adorable sister as Little Red Riding Hood.

My favorite ladies!

And then last night was the city wide, Family Fun night.  It was super cute and will be really fun when Amelia can actually play all of the games and ride the rides but it was fun seeing all of the cute costumes.  Plus, I don't think Adam or my dad minded playing all of the games for Amelia :)

Amelia went as Frida Kahlo.  Another hand-made costume :)

Family Portrait!

We won the "Monster Stomp" aka the cake walk

AND... she won first prize in the Halloween Costume contest!!!  Yay Amelia!!
She is the cutest little Frida Kahlo ever.

Here she is as a self-portrait :)
What a great fun-filled weekend.
Im sure we will have more Halloween photos to share soon!


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