07 October 2012

Fall Leaf Garland DIY

For today's  project, I am going to show you two cute fall leaf inspired garlands/banners that you can make on the cheap to decorate your house for fall.
These are, in no way, original ideas, but I'm showing you what I made to decorate my little home :)

The first one here is made with real leafs!!  Although it is mostly still green here in St. Louis, there are a few trees that have started to change colors and look brilliant.
So, I went on a little walk with the husband and the pup and collected some of these lovely leaves.

Once you have your leaves, the only other supplies you will need is an exacto knife and some clothes pins (or any other type of hanging devices).

You want to do this while the leaves are still fresh.
Lay out your leaf and cut away.  You can spell out words with different letters on each leaf, or you can do a simple sentiment like I did below....

To keep them straight and looking fresh, you will need to press them in wax paper for a couple of nights :)  After that, you can use your clothes pins, etc. to hang them up in your home!!!

The second leaf garland I will show you today is made from felt embroidery floss.  You could definitely save a lot of time and energy by using a sewing machine on this one too though :)

First, you need to gather felt in your fall colors, and cut out a ton of leaf shapes.  My leafs are about 2.5 inches long.  I made an equal amount of each color so that I had 11 leaves in each color (I used yellow, gold, red, and brown for mine).

Next, use a running stitch to stitch all of you leaves together in a straight line.  It's that easy!!!

Again if you aren't sure about hand sewing it, you can always run your garland through the sewing machine, making sure that each leaf gets connected along the way.

A gorgeous felt leaf garland to hang in your home to make it that much more cozy :)
If you decided to make either of these, please post photos of them so I can see.
I can't wait to see what you create!
Also I would love to see any other cute banners/buntings/garlands that you made for the fall season!!
Have a great day!!!



  1. cute and simple! i am sooooo behind. maybe i'll rock out my banner today? thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are so cool! The felt one looks a bit too difficult for me me though!

  3. I made these last fall, a paper leaf garland.


    I have had them hanging up all year though. Oops. I plan on making a felt garland this fall too, like yours! Yay! I love your real life leaf garland. Awesome!

  4. Such a cute idea, lady! I'm totally gonna have to do this!


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