27 August 2012


It is one of my favorite spaces in our home.

BUT, I am ready to completely re-do it :)
Even though this little sweetie has only been living in this space for 6 months, I have had it completely decorated and ready to go for over a year!
I get tired of decor really quickly.
It's not a good thing sometimes :)
The good thing about this is that her main staple pieces (i.e. crib, dresser, rug, shelves) can all stay.  I just need to de-clutter, simplify, and add re-do the accent pieces, fabrics, and art.
I have been pinning A LOT of children room photos for inspiration and I am excited to tackle this little project.

I am definitely ready for change.
I will probably be selling some things online, maybe open up a little pop-up shop full of cute new and vintage children things.
Keep your eyes open :)



  1. i decorate and redecorate too, my husband loves it. ( sarcastic) anyway can't wait to see items u sell, getting ready to work on a playroom next year and i love ur stuff!

  2. omg that door! with two colors? love it!! i'm a baby teacher at a preschool, so i'll def be waiting for that popup shop!!

  3. I'm calling dibs on checking out all you are getting rid of first...as I am your sthneey!


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