04 August 2012


This week:

*  My sweet friend, Dawn, made Amelia this amazing blanket and Amelia hasn't stopped snuggling with it since.
*  I went up to school to work in my classroom and I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that I want to get done in there before school starts.
*  I have written a bazillion pen pal letters and have loved every second of it.
*  We had an amazing meeting with our social worker
*  Adam found us an attorney for Amelia's adoption finalization in November
*  I knitted some more.
*  I have read 3 more books
*  I have watched The Olympics (A LOT)
*  I was very thankful for the rain
* Attended a City Council meeting that made me sad.
*  I will continue to focus on God's plan.

This was a great week.
One more week left of summer vacation (sad face)

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  1. Oh! That blanket is so sweet.
    I'm glad she is enjoying some wonderful snuggles with it.


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