15 August 2012

Products we love: Japonesque baby!

Japonesque is one of the leading suppliers of cosmetics.  You can find their products at any Ulta or Sephora.  We knew they were pretty amazing already.  
Recently, they created the most ADORABLE baby line of grooming supplies.
We were fortunate enough to receive these amazing products for Amelia to try out.
Not only are they so cute, they are functional!!
She loves them!
The cute animals make these more attractive to Amelia and make her grooming time, a lot more pleasant :)
Here is what we have:

Compact enough to toss in a nappy bag, each tool comes in a protective case for added safety.
·             Safety Nail Clipper & File (Penguin, Dolphin and Duck) – Designed to trim baby’s fingernails tear-free, so you can clip away confidently with ease and precision.  This miniature clipper fits little fingernail and toenails perfectly, and features a comfortable grip and thumb lever for easy manoeuvring.  It also contains a nail file to gently shape and smooth sharp nail edges after clipping.  

·             Gentle Grooming Baby Brush (Hippo) – Features super soft bristles that help tame hair without pulling or scratching.  Gentle on baby’s scalp, the bristles encourage growth and shine.  

·             Gentle Grooming Baby Comb (Alligator) – Featuring rounded, plastic teeth that glide gently through baby’s fine hair, it comfortably and easily removes tangles while soothing the scalp.  

·             Hair Shears (Giraffe) – Handcrafted to trim baby’s fine hair with precision and ease. These professional quality shears are perfect for precise cutting and trimming and an ergonomic handle gives a comfortable grip.

·             Safety Nail Scissors and File (Kangaroo) – Designed especially for baby’s delicate nails, these small scissors feature comfortable plastic handles and precise stainless steel blades with rounded tips for safety.  Use the baby nail file after clipping to gently shape and smooth sharp edges.  

·             First Aid Safety Scissors (Monkey) – Hand-crafted to remove medical bandages quickly and accurately, so you feel prepared in any situation.  These professional quality scissors feature a protective blade covering, as well as a cute and protective case that keeps blades locked when not in use for complete safety. 

All in all, we LOVE this product!!  The price is super reasonable and the product is exactly what we love, cute and functional.
Check out HQHAIR.COM to purchase your own Japonesque Baby collection!!



  1. Oh my word these are so cute!
    I need to get some for Mia!

  2. We got these too! So cute!!


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