21 August 2012

Ali's Bday

So, as I have mentioned, Adam's Mom, Sister, and Niece all came to Missouri for a whole week.  We were so blessed to have a week with them!!
We definitely do not get to see them enough.
Faith, Adam's sister, is in the process of adopting the sweetest little girl, Ali.
They have had her since day one, and she is 100% their daughter.
Her and Amelia already have such an amazing bond knitting them together.  They are both adopted.  They are two of the most prayed for babies in the world.  Both of their names begin with A.  Seriously there is so much.  Plus, it looks like both of their adoptions will be finalized on the same exact day, which literally blows my mind.
Ali turned one on the day they flew in to St. Louis so I wanted to have a little birthday celebration ready for them when they got here.

My sister makes the most delicious cakes so I delegated the cake making to her.  She made two cakes, one for everyone, and one just for the special birthday girl.

We had all of Ali's favorite foods, in bite sized little portions for everyone.

This was the first time these two little soul sisters had met and it was perfection.

Faith let Ali tear into her little cake and it was so much fun to watch.  She is the cutest little gal and even cuter when covered in chocolate cake.

Adam's mom made each of the girls a little bonnet out of vintage lace.  These are the sweetest little bonnets and they actually turn into handkerchiefs for the girls to have on their wedding days.  There is a precious little poem that goes with them.

We were so blessed to have these amazing women with us this week.  Amelia was blessed to spend the whole week with them while I transitioned back to work.  The bond that Ali and Amelia formed this week was so special.
We already miss all of them sooooo much!!!



  1. what a fun ali 1 year old party! those photos are adorable. :)

  2. Cute! I love that their lace bonnets turn into handkerchiefs for their wedding day. So special!


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