24 August 2012

project life-weeks 32-33

This is the BEST project my friends.
I can not even express how much enjoyment I get, looking back through these pages and seeing ALL that I have been able to document. 
I practically don't even need a baby book for Amelia, these books tell it all.
With company last week, I didn't have much time to post my pages, plus I had run out of ink right before printing all of my Color Run photos...not good.
So here are my pages from Weeks 32 and 33.

Week 32

This was my last week before heading back to work for the school year.  We made sure to take full advantage of it.  We had trips to the zoo, and other St. Louis landmarks.  Amelia and I also spent a lot of time getting crafty together and watching The Olympics.

This week also included working in my classroom to get it ready, finding out that I didn't have to "travel teach" this year, and decorating for Ali's birthday party!

Week 33

Week 33 was a special week because we had family in town!!  Amelia and her cousin Ali became instant BFF's so a lot of the photos are of these two bonding.

I also added a full insert of Ali's birthday party since it was so much fun and too hard to pick and choose photos for.

Amelia started to sit by herself this week!!
We went to a disaster awareness night for our community where Amelia met my favorite police officer and had her face painted for the first time.
And, dun dun dun, school started back up :)

And speaking of hard to photos to pick and choose from, I decided to do a full on spread, with three inserts, for The Color Run.
Yes, it was that amazing.

The Color Run

I love when my husband tells me, "Don't worry babe, I saved my color packet for you to put in your Project Life album."
He's a keeper :)

Also, I was so excited to hear that Elise has designed a new core kit for Project Life!!!! I will definitely be purchasing it for 2013.


Would you like to know more about Project Life? You can read all about it here. You can also check out more of my Project Life pages right here!

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