28 August 2012

Photo Canvas-Contrado Imaging.

One of my goals is start adding more photos of family and friends into my home.  Our walls are filled with original art and prints from Indi artists.  
That's just how we roll.
I take a million photos, billions even.  
I have albums, mini-books, and blog posts to prove it.
Recently, I have been wanting to incorporate some of these photos into our wall decor.
About a month after we brought Amelia home, we had an amazing photo shoot of our little family, so I immediately wanted to start with those.
This is where Contrado Imaging comes in.
I had the opportunity to put the services at Contrado Imaging to the test.  I got to design my very own canvas print! 
The had so many options for me to choose from and the website was so incredibly easy to understand and maneuver.
They even have a Banksy effect you can do!!!
Not to mention, how amazing and efficient the customer service was throughout the process.
I quickly uploaded one of my favorite family photos and made all of my design decisions.

I have dreamed of having these photos blown up BIG and in black and white, so this opportunity was perfect!!
The product shipped from the UK and literally took less than a week to get to me which was amazing.
The packaging was completed with such care to make sure that the canvas would be perfect when it arrived, which it was.
It's lovely.

This is definitely a piece of art we will treasure forever. AND, it has a lifetime guarantee so we literally can treasure it forever.
 It has livened up our living room and I am so excited to order more from Contrado Imaging in the future.
You should definitely check them out too!!



  1. Girl, I'm so down for buying some of this stuff off you! Please let me know. ;)

  2. Ooooh, I love that!!! Looks great!!!


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