11 August 2012


This week I:

*  have been making a TON of cute decorations for my sweet niece's first birthday.
*  was counting down the days until I get to see Adam's mom, sister, and niece.  We get to spend a whole week with them next week!!!
*  worked on making my classroom ready for school next week.
*  received so many amazing pen pal letters from my new pen pals
*  cleaned like crazy
*   painted with my baby girl
*  had a great day at the zoo with family and friends.  Man oh man, did Amelia love the zoo so much.  She squealed and laughed the whole time on the train ride and during the sea lion show.  I love it.
*  went to some adorable little shops in Kirkwood
*  Found
*  ate on The Hill at Guidos
*  had dessert at the cutest little bakery called "Pint Sized Bakery"

Seriously, the best week :)
Back to reality next week!!



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