09 August 2012


Last night, I was working on a little DIY project with paint.
I decided that since I already had the paint out, and some blank canvas, I would try to paint with Amelia.
First thing is first, her cute onesie had to go.  I had an idea of how messy this could get :)

We used the colors that dominate her nursery and really big paint brushes that would be easy for her to grasp.

I held the canvas in front of her with one hand and held her little arm in my other hand.
She held the paint brush.
I didn't move her arm at all but I held it in case she wanted the paintbrush to go into her mouth (didn't happen).

She flailed her arm all over the canvas with the paint.  It was amazing.

This was such a fun little project for us to do together.

There were a lot of laughs and smiles...

Catalina even tried to get in on the fun!

There was also a lot of paint that ended up where it shouldn't.
Messy but oh so cute.

Fortunately, after a bath, and some Lysol wipes the Bumbo and the baby were clean as a whistle :)

And seriously, isn't this the most beautiful art work ever??  I love it so much and decided to hang it in our living room instead of her nursery so it can be seen all of the time.

I love that we are able to create fun things together as a family.
This girl is truly something so special.



  1. How cute!! She is so adorable! <3

  2. So cute! I had our baby-niece do finger painting recently (her first time) and then we framed it up along with some pictures of her creating the artwork and now it hangs in her mama's house proudly displayed!

  3. What a great idea! I might have to do this with little man. Your daughter is adorable!


  4. She's so cute and quite the artist!! It's great you weren't afraid of the mess and you had fun with her. I would hang it up to admire also!! Just wait till she's big enough to fingerpaint and then paint on her own, it's a great craft to do with your child.

    Love all the insta pictures in the post below, it is easier to use our phones these days.


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