13 August 2012

I have a DIY dad.

Who has a grampy that makes DIY onesies for her?
This girl! 

Have you ever seen the movie St. Trinians?  It's a movie about a boarding school filled with "delinquent" little girls.  It's funny and it's a favorite of my dad and I.
Well, my dad loved the movie so much that he made Amelia three different St. Trinian themed onesies.

Seriously, how cool is that?  The one pictured is my total favorite.  Another one has the St. Trinians' symbol and "Head Girl" printed underneath.

I just love how thoughtful this little gift was and that my dad is so great with handmade gifts.  

Thank you Grampy!


"We're facing the biggest crisis of our lives and you're behaving like bloody children. If this place closes down, we have to go to other schools. And by that I mean *normal* schools. "
-St. Trinians


  1. Yay! so nice he can create! didn't he come help you when you were making baby clothes before?


    1. Yes he did!! He helped me make all of her burp cloths and bibs :)

  2. that's so sweet! I love handmade baby items.

  3. your dad continually amazes me! :)

  4. Janel, that movie totally cracks me up! It's one of my girls' and I's favourites too.

  5. That movie totally cracks us (my 9yo and I) up. It's one of our favourites!


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