09 February 2012

a surprise.

Today we had a puppy shower for one of our fellow art teachers after school.
Our little team of art teachers is amazing and this was just one fun little thing we could do for our friend.
The whole room was decorated with baby shower decor and it was just over the top cute for a puppy shower :)

Little did I know, it was also a surprise baby shower for me!!!
I was shocked.  Seriously and so excited.
I was not dressed up or looking cute or anything and I didn't have a camera.
You guys, my art teacher gals SPOILED me so much.
I will have the cutest dressed baby in town.
I feel so blessed and so loved.
This is my favorite photo that my friend Sara snapped with her phone :)

It's blurry but I love it and it captures the excitement of the entire party.
The cake was so cute too...

Apparently I say Omg a lot yeah?
Again, I feel sooooo incredibly blessed!!
Then when I got home my mom showed me the diaper cake that she had made for us!!
She purchased everything and her good friend put it all together.  

Part of me wants to keep it like this forever and the other part of me wants to tear in it to see all of the cuteness that it's made of.  This diaper cake is just AMAZING!!  I can't get over it.  Unfortunately, we won't get it until after our baby shower :) 
Alright, I have a lot of unpacking to do and Adam wants a crash course on his diaper bag (lol) so I better run.  Thank you all so much for your sweet words in the past few days and weeks, I love sharing this adventure with you all!!!


Oh, and since I have gotten a few emails asking, Amelia is registered at Babies R Us and Target.

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  1. awww...he wants a crash course on his diaper bag...too cute! Glad you have so many people to celebrate her with :)

  2. Awwww... this made me smile! So excited for you... that diaper cake is awesome!

  3. Your Mum is so clever! The cake looks so beautiful. I couldn't restrain myself. I would be diving into it!
    I sent you something small Janel. Just to say that you and Adam will be wonderful parents and I am thinking of you. It's the least I could do for all the years of happiness I get when I read your blog.
    You should get your prize on Wednesday.

  4. So sweet, this made me cry! So blessed is this baby already! Thx for the email response too!

  5. That is so sweet! What wonderful friends you have!

  6. What an awesome surprise!! It's so wonderful that they were able to get the party all together w/o you finding out about it in such a short time!! PS the diaper cake...amazing!

  7. What a sweet surprise. You have incredible coworkers. :)

  8. Aw, what a sweet surprise!!

  9. Yay fun! Can't wait for the big day!!


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