20 February 2012


Here are a few peeks into my past few week via instagram.
I love Instagram because the photos are just of every day random things but it's a perfect little glance to into the realness :)

Don't you just love instagram?  
Find me there so I can follow you @jmaclean 

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  1. i just LOVE your handwriting!!!
    and your craft work/scrapbook work always inspires me. :)

  2. Cute photos!
    We LOVE instagram too :) Every wednesday we post 5 of our favorite images from the week as we take so many and feel they need to be celebrated http://goo.gl/r4EBN
    it's super addictive! Will be sure to add you now :D

  3. The Born Free bottles are the VERY BEST. I love them and don't know why I even tried anything else. And your iphone cover is too cute!!

  4. ahh, i love your blog so so much! i LOVE instagram, but unfortunately i don't have an iphone but i do have an ipad so i basically just download pictures onto my ipad and then add the effects!!

    also, for your project life, do you use the cards that come with the kid or is it just your own paper? i bought the kit (clementine) but i love yours so much!! :)

  5. I seriously love your scrapbook posts! I was actually thinking about it on my bike ride yesterday & how I wish that I could do this. Please tell me its easier than I'm making it out to be! How did you get started?

    Shannon :)


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