21 February 2012

Quilt Squares for Amelia...

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Awhile back, I cam up with this concept for a fundraiser idea for adoption and it was a hit.
Our little tracker over there is inching it's way up but we do still have a ways to go.
I thought that it was time to put this little idea back out there for all of our new readers who may want to take part in our "Quilt Squares for Amelia" project!!
Here you go:

* I had been collecting vintage sheets to make a quilt for Amelia when she arrives.
This quilt is 10 squares by 10 squares so far.
That is 100 squares.

Here is the plan.
YOU can purchase one of these squares for only $10.00.
When you purchase a square, I will hand embroider your name onto it.  

During our fundraiser, last February, we were able to sell 40 of these squares!!!  It was amazing :)
There are still 60 squares left to fill!!!
I know that we can do this everyone!!

Each square will have a different name of someone who helped us bring our baby girl home.
Each square will be a lifetime reminder to her (and us) of all of the people who loved, and supported her, and brought us all together as a family :)

So, the goal is this...
Sell all 100 squares.
Have 100 names to add to Amelia's quilt
Thus, a keepsake to remind her forever of all of those who love her.

Click HERE to purchase your quilt square!!!


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  1. bought a square~ all our love

  2. That's such a sweet idea...I went to your etsy, and cannot purchase one. I'll check back though. :)

  3. when I tried to purchase one it said sold... Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Ok, they are back up :) the first 10 sold fast but I added another batch! Thank you for letting me know!! Xo

  5. I can't remember if I bought one the last time around or not, but I'll be doing one (or another one! :)


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