24 February 2012


(a peek from inside my journal)

1.  I am heading out of town for the weekend with my sister.  I know the second we get to where we are heading (two hours away) I will get the phone call right?!
2.  We are now accepting March Sponsors!!!
I have a feeling the month of March is going to be REALLY exciting here on Run With Scissors, so it will be a great month to advertise here.  Check out the sponsor page for more information.
3.  Our hospital bag is 100% packed and ready to go.
4.  My husband's blog melts my heart. You should check it out :)

You all are so incredibly amazing.  I mean seriously words can't express my gratitude to you.  Amelia is so lucky to have so many people out there who love her.
Thank you!!!  God is good.
6.  I'm making really cute ceramic goodies to sell in my shop.
Look for them next week.
7.  There are still some more quilt squares too!!!  Go grab yours :)
8.  I love you, all of you.  you have no idea the impact you are making in my life.


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  1. So excited to see your finances increasing by the day! I just happened to see (on your husband's blog) that you live in St. Louis. I live about 15 minutes across the river :)

  2. It is so beautiful to see that there are wonderful & amazing people out there who love so much! So inspiring!


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