16 February 2012


1.  this week is parent/teacher conferences so I have been working 13 hour days.
2.  we are off Friday and Monday which makes a four day weekend!
3.  My classroom is full of clay dust from all of the clay projects we have been cranking out here.
4.  You all have helped us raise almost $5,000 to help us bring home Amelia :)  You are amazing and our hearts are so full.  thank you thank you thank you.
5.  We have had two amazing baby showers this past week and they were beyond amazing (I still have to blog about one of them)
6.  I have been writing thank you notes whenever I have a free minute and my hand hurts :)
7.  All of the clothes, sheets, blankets, wraps, swaddlers, towels and washcloths have been washed and folded and put away.
8.  Everything for baby finally has a place thanks to Adam's "nesting" stage :)
9.  We are all waiting and praying and watching our phones like crazy over here.
10.  God is seriously so so good!!!
11.  so are you :)


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  1. EXCITING EXCITING JANEL! So happy for you!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. What a lucky (and loved) baby this one will be!

  3. So excited with you... can't wait 'til Amelia is home with you and Adam!


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