24 February 2012

oh hey!

Oh hey Monday!
Sooo...I got an email today and our expectant mother will be induced on MONDAY and delivering on TUESDAY.
NO big deal :)
Want to know something else really cool??
Adam and I's anniversary is Tuesday as well.
I can NOT think of a better anniversary surprise.
I am on pins and needles my friends!!
prayers are appreciated!!


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  1. Oh baby Amelia - Your MA family love you sooo much, we can't wait to meet you xoxoxoxox!!

    oh my oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! So exciting :) OH MY GOODNESS!! EEEEKS. I can't wait to see her precious little face.

  2. Hi Janel! I found your blog about a week ago, and it just warms my heart. I've loved hitting the "Older Posts" button repeatedly and seeing your journey up to this point, in reverse. I am so excited for you!

    I just wanted to say hello, thanks for sharing your story, and I have no doubt you will surround Amelia with all the best in the world. :)

  3. Janel that is so amazing and SO cool!!! I can't believe it :o)

  4. Oh Janel! That's soooooooo exciting!!!! I can't wait to meet her (through your blog)! Bahhhhh! Celebrating with you over here.

  5. I am so excited for you! It's going to be a long weekend. Hope you have lots to do to keep your mind occupied.

  6. Yah!!! I am so excited for you! Sending wishes and prayers that all goes smoothly ... and fast!

  7. So excited for you!! It's really happening!!

  8. Shut up, is it really?? Oh my goodness, it was CLEARLY meant to be!!

  9. Oh that is soooo exciting. It must feel weird to have all of us people in blogland that have never even met you to be so happy and excited about this... your story warms me heart and I wish you the best of luck and get lots of sleep this weekend!

    -Pamela, InspiredByFelicity.blogspot.com

  10. Oh my goodness! I'm SO excited for you and Adam! My fingers, toes, and hairs on my head are crossed that everything goes smoothly and exactly as it should.

  11. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Prayers for your family are flowing for sure :) Congrats Janel and Adam!!!!!


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