14 February 2012

Project Life Week 6

Week 6 and I am still in love. 
I think I fall more in love with this project every week.
I have already loved looking back on weeks 1-5 and seeing how 2012 has played out so far.  I am so excited too, to have all of this documentation done leading up to our adoption.  

This week included lots more washing and folding and organizing baby clothes.  We are sterilizing all of the pacifiers and bottles and such as well.

I had two amazing baby showers this week!!  My amazing art teachers threw me a surprise shower on Thursday.
My lovely church family threw me a HUGE shower on Saturday.
We are just feeling so blessed over here my friends.

Every morning I say to Adam, "This could be the last day of just you me and Catalina."  I wanted to remember how it felt like to just be a family of us two and our sweet puppy.  

I added another insert envelope to this week with all of the sweet cards and letters and shower memorabilia for a reminder.  Seriously, how awesome is it to actually have a place for all of that??  I also have CD's with photos from both showers in their to look back at too some day :)
There you go, week 6!!!


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  1. i really really like this project. i think i will try and do it mid year once everything settles down. but i love all your cute cards, etc you have gotten for it.

  2. first of all....you just made me cry :o) and second....this project is SO fun and inspiring, i wish i had the attention span to FINISH something like this! it is absolutely lovely &hearts

  3. I love this project! I really want to do something similar for my family, thanks for inspiring me!


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