29 September 2010

walk this way

I am ready ready ready for fall :)
We have had about two days this week where it has felt fall-ish :)
I have set out all of my cute Autumn collections.  Here is a peak at some...

Today, has definitely been one of those days, not in a good way.  Im ready for tomorrow.
Thank God for fresh starts :)

ps. I posted the winners to Jessica's giveaway in the post below, check it out and contact her if you are one of the winners!

pss. I wanted to really quickly address "the zine" that I contributed a couple of articles to, Creative Juice.  The whole situation was pretty disheartening.  Pretty much, all of us writers got screwed over :(  Kaelah did a great job explaining the situation here.  I feel the same way that she feels and Im sorry.


  1. I'm so envious of your pyrex bowl collection! haha.
    That 'zine thing totally sucks :(
    I'm sorry you ladies had to go through it.

  2. sorry to hear you had one of those days =(

    But it's almost the weekend! =)

  3. talk this way. (srry i couldn't resist). i mean u did quote aerosmith

  4. I grew up with those Pyrex bowls, but they were brown! I've been looking everywhere for some more, but haven't found any that satisfy my want.

    As for the zine, I did buy one and I was really disappointed with how it came out. I was really sad to have spent five dollars on something that I couldn't read (poor printing). I just figured it was first issue mistakes and moved on. I have been MIA myself from the blog scene lately (I'm even behind in your i heart fall class!), so I had no idea that it had turned into such a mess. I just wanted to say that I don't blame any of the contributors, just the main girl running it (I've had some bad juju with her resulting from her Secret Pals project). I hope this doesn't discourage you or any of the other girls from contributing to other projects like that in the future, you guys are fabulous!

  5. i love all your collections.
    you are so cute:)

  6. Love the yarn photo. So pretty!


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