02 September 2010

teeny scissors :)

I am continually finding cuteness for Pita :)  There are soooooo many cute baby things out there and I love sharing them with all of you <3

1.  I am in love with these gorgeous hand-dyed burp clothes with some of my most favorite fabrics from Laundry Monster:)

 I also adore this little chenille bib from their as well... 

2.  I will have these hanging in Miss Pita's room in her colors fo sho :)

3.  These amazing prints from the amazing Ashley G would be so perfect too!

4. and mixed with these lovelies from persimmon and pink :)

5. and i love love love LOVE this Orla Kiely diaper bag :)

6. i pretty much need this little headband in every color available :)

I promise that each of the shops above are totally worth checking out :)


  1. WHAT CUTENESS!!!! ♥ it!!

    Hope you are feeling better!!!
    (We missed you at Bible study last night.)

  2. thank you. i now want another child. like now.


  3. Just donated to get your little Pita! I love those prints from persimmon and pink.

    I adore your blog, I've been following for awhile, but I'm not sure if I ever commented.

  4. Everything is so cute! I have no doubt that Pita will be best dressed and have the best nursery!


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