19 September 2010

getting crafty

So, this week was pretty much super amazing!!  I had such a great time hanging out with great friends old and new!  I didn't take any pictures at all :(  What was I thinking? But the other girls did, and as soon as I get pictures from them, I will do a proper post about the fun!
It included pizza, a painting party, "catch-up" time, glitter, rope climbing, hamster wheel running, dancing in fountains, sponge diving, and so much more! Yes, it was that kind of a weekend :)
Today, was all about down time and crafting :)
I am currently working on two mini-albums...

1.  I am working on a custom album for my friend Lindsay :)  She really liked my "30 Before 31" goal mini, and asked if I would make one for her!!  I love doing custom work so of course I said yes!
Here is a little sneak peek!  I want the rest to be a surprise from Lindsay.

2.  I am also working on creating a little mini book to commemorate my awesome trip to Renegade Chicago this year :) I will have more pages from this one to share later but for now...here is the cover:

So, that is what's happening here :)  I promise to post more about this weekend as soon as I can :)
love love love you all!


  1. I am soooo excited!! It's going to look amazing!!!! eeeeek!

  2. I think you should change that last sentence to: "I promise to post more about this weekend as soon as I harass the other girls enough so they post their pics and I can steal them." Hahahahaha! You know I love you! :) I miss you already!!! If it's that long again next time I see you then I may cry. And yes, that's what she said.

  3. could you teach us how to make a mini book? i want to make a memory book or a 30 in 31 book, but i'm not crafty in any way!

  4. It looks so great!! How exciting for Lindsey!! I am so jealous!!!! -Katie

  5. awesome! what a productive, rainy day you had!! =) i CAN'T wait to see how they turn out!

  6. I love your handwriting.. is handwriting teachable??? LOL cute journal you are making for Linds.

    gotta know what is sponge diving??

  7. I was so bummed that we could never meet up with you all, we were only 5 minutes away at one point! Jamie's phone went dead, so I couldn't get ahold of you all to see if you were still at the museum. Boo! I hope you all had fun and stayed dry!

  8. your cover is cute!

    i need to jump on that train and start on mine. miss you. come over?

  9. your motivation is so impressive to me! you make lists and accomplish them and document the process in the cutest ways. i really admire that.


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