27 September 2010

A Mili...

So, I decided to "try" and do at least one weekly feature here on the blog :)  
 I am constantly finding cute things that I LOVE online and offline.
I also think it will be a great way to showcase all of the creative and talented people creating these things!
Things that I would buy if I was made of money...
Like if I was a millionaire.
So, in honor of my inner shopper and my inner gangsta, I have come up with the weekly feature...
"A Mili" Monday :)

Each "A Mili" Monday, I will feature 5 things that LOVE and would own if I was a millionaire :)
fun right?
So here we go...first week!

1.  This Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale in California :)

2.  The Starlette Crown by Giant Dwarf

3.  This jacket <3

4.  These cute earrings
5.  Tons and tons of flights for my friends to come and visit and for me to visit them!

(except that even just looking at the picture makes me dizzy :P)

Ok, that is it for my first week of "A Mili" Monday!!
Come back next week to see five more things that I am LOVING and dreaming about!


  1. i'm loving the concept of the feature (:
    can't wait to read more!
    there's sooo many things i would buy.


  2. i love it! that house is gorgeous. in the town in iowa i live, we have the only frank lloyd wright hotel left and they're restoring it right now. it should be really, really cool! we have a few flw houses around the town, too.. but that one is by far the best! have a wonderful monday!

  3. i want that jacket so much!

  4. you're such a young money fast money slow money no money lovebug.

  5. oh this feature is so much fun! i'm excited to see what's next. clever title too...very cute.

  6. Oh my, I think I'm in love with that jacket!! Off to check it out!


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