14 September 2010

30 before 31: checking in

This weekend I was able to check THREE things off of my "30 before 31" list!  I thought now would be a great time to check in and share all of the goals that I have accomplished so far in 5 months :)  I still have plenty of time to get the rest completed.

I ran out of room so I had to stop writing all of the books that I had read :)  12 was way too small of a goal for that one.

one more to go!

There are some other ones that are almost complete, or in the process of being completed :)  There are some other goals that I have no desire to do anymore too.  What do you do when you find you are kind of "over it" on some of the goals that you made a while back?
Here is my complete list that I made on my birthday, April 5.

I must say, I adore this little mini-album :) It's such a great way to document all of your accomplishments.  love.
Have a great Tuesday friends!


  1. I love the mini 'album'! You're so inspiring! :)

  2. your mini album is soooooo cute!!!
    I love it!!

  3. Wow, congrats on already accomplishing so many things! This post really is inspiring, and I'm thinking I just might do the same thing. KEEP IT UP GIRL!

  4. Congrats on your accomplishments this far! Yay for you! Your mini album is great! You have inspired me to have goals set up for my next birthday! :D



  5. I think I really love your mini album and might need to borrow the idea. hehe
    I heart you miss Janel!!

  6. Yay Janel!

    I always make lists and then when I come back to them, I'm so over doing a few selections.

    It's your prerogative! It's your list I think you totally reserve the right just to look past those select few hehe. ;)

    xo. Kyla

  7. Totally inspiring! I think I want to start a 30 before 31 Journal now too! Great idea!

  8. this is wonderful :) i love the Quilts page. i def want to make a goals album with my instax now!!!

  9. i love this idea. i seriously need to do this!


  10. Wow! You are making great progress with your list. I just did an update the other day on my progress on my 101 in 1001 list. Its so much fun to see where your at. I think it helps motivate me to keep going on the rest of the list.

    And your mini album is such a good idea! If I had a smaller list I would make one too.

  11. Janel this is really inspiring! And so super cute!

  12. What a gorgeous mini-album..
    Keep achieving those wonderful goals!!

  13. those pages look awesome! i love how you put your 30 before 31 into a little book, it's so cute!!!

  14. Awesome!

    I say ditch the goals you're "over". Life is too short to make yourself do something you might have outgrown. :-)

  15. I'm so proud of you for all that you have accomplished so far! I only have a month and a half to complete my list and then it's time to make a NEW list!

    Well done, love. The mini looks amazing! You should be proud of all that you have done!

  16. uhhhh *_* LOVE your handwriting! so lucky! :) your goals mini book is so cute!

  17. you're so inspirational! i love that you've made a little journal to coincide with your goals. i think i may do this with mine (: good luck completing the rest of yours & well done for the ones you've aready tackled.


  18. You are totally kicking butt on your goals!! I am inspired to write mine down!! 36 before I'm 37 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! :) 11 months and 2 weeks left~ Guess I better make it good!

  19. This is the cutest thing. I wish I had made one for my deployment goals. Maybe I still will. I have some great stuff to put in there.

    As always, thanks for being inspiring.

  20. Which ones are you over???

  21. My birthday is in a couple of months! I am going to make one of these!!

  22. omg janel...
    you sooo inspire me!
    i want to make a book just like this..
    and i miss yoU! is that weird?
    you're like my favourite person ever i swear

  23. your mini album is so pretty. i just realized i wasn't following your blog!! shame shame. well, i soon remedied that! hope your day is bright. :)


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