13 September 2010

Renegade Pressies

**edited: photobooth pics are at the bottom of this post :)
Obviously, everything at Renegade was beautiful :)  The crafters put so much into their work, it blows me away.  I had to do a really good job with practicing self-control when it came to the buying part of the trip.  I found myself, in many a booth, saying "I need that!"  I definitely have some new super favorite artists (as you will see below).  I took one big picture of everything I got at Renegade and number the items.  The number of the item, will correspond to the shop/blog link of the artist it was purchased from :)

1- As you can see, I was in love with pretty much everything in this shop!!  June craft is pretty much going to be all over Pita's nursery :) xo
2-  This is the other booth that literally stole my heart.  I wanted to buy every single thing here.  It was my favorite!! Her hand crocheted goods were flawless and super affordable.  Plus, she sold lavender bunches too!! love love love TartHeart!
3-  This stationary bundle from Shy But Interested was so perfect for me.  Not only are they  gorgeous, and fall-ish, but hello! they talk about the love for pumpkin pie!!  love.
4- Urban Posture was super cute as well.  Their screen printed designs are gorgeous!  i love the wooden brooch so much and the tea towels are going to be put to good use very soon!
5-  Overdue Industries was full of these old library books, turned journals.  There were sooo many to choose from and I had a ton of favorite but finally narrowed it down to the children's book Ella.  The cutest part is that there is a library due date card that they stamped when they made it and then stamped again when the book was purchased.  It is those sweet little details that make all of the difference :)
6-  I purchased a tiny little Renegade T-shirt for my someday :)  It was too cute to pass up! This was obviously from the Renegade booth.
7-  cute cute postcards from the lovely Katie at Skunkboy Creatures.
8- I can not even remember where I got this necklace and it's bumming me out :(  I love it so much! It's a locket with an anchor on the front.  If anyone recognizes and knows which Renegade booth it was at, let me know please!!
9- I got a ton of cute free swag from the Etsy booth where we also made some adorable bunting crafts!!  Adam picked me up a cute tote bag there and a T-shirt (that I was wearing when this photo was taken)

Here are some close ups at some of my goodies :)  

I got loads of cute little button pins from different booths that were giving them away. (Sara K. if you are reading this...the PBR one is for you)!
One Up had this gum ball machine that you could put quarters in and it would give you a love token.  Adam and I both got each other a love token and both of our's said the same thing.  It was a super cute idea and I love my love token a lot!

The photobooth pictures were uploaded on the magbooth website!  Here they are:

I hope you are having a lovely day!


  1. oh my gosh i am in LOVE with june's stuff!! i wanted to get the guitar for els, but andy said she probably didn't really need it... haha!! her birthday is coming up though... maybe that will be a good excuse to get it :)


  2. ekkkk. i looooooooove all your goodies! i wish i could have gone. my bestie is in chicago and was able to and kept texting me about how wonderful it was...maybe next time i can. :)

  3. Oh wow!!
    What wonderful & cute things you got!

  4. You found some wonderful goodies! I'm so sad that we weren't able to meet up. :( We had an absolutely AMAZING time too!

  5. By the time I reached the third picture I was faint from the cuteness. By number four it had totally knocked me over! What a great handmade haul!

  6. wow great write up. so far i am in LOVE with shop #1. wish i could of made it to this show but glad you snapped the treasures you found. :)
    peace & love!

  7. WOW you got some amazing goodies!! I love them all!! Wish I could have been there with you guys! Your photobooth pics were the cutest!!


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