01 September 2010

september 1

Happy September!! 
Time flies.
Here are some quick bullet points about today so far:
*  i am home from work today  because I am sick :(  When you have a job that you love, sick days are double no fun.
*  I finished Twilight last night.  And guess what...Adam is so much better than Edward :) It's true!
*  I am glad that I have a new book obsession to keep me occupied today.
*  My love is on his way to Starbucks to snag me a Caramel Apple Spice...very Septemberish :)
*  my laptop has been dropped too many times.  it takes me forever to do anything because it randomly moves into past sentences and messes up my typing. I have to put extra pressure on the top left hand corner on the bottom for it to even let me type :(  
*  If we weren't poor, I would buy a new laptop for sure!
*  I have decided to hold a HUGE giveaway when I reach 1100 blog followers.
*  I have the CUTEST september blog sponsors ------> check them out! I am obsessed with all of them now :)
*  I have gotten a TON of emails asking me if I can open up more spots for my "i heart fall" journal class.  It is really hard to say no, especially when the money is going to adopting our baby :) So, I have decided to open up a few more spots.
*  I seriously can NOT wait for that class to begin!!!
*  I will be back with my monthly goals check up later :)
* I need to go back to sleep now.
* sick is no fun :(
* I really love you a LOT!


  1. Who is Adam? You make me think I read different Twilight book :P

  2. lol- Adam is my husband :) People kept telling me that I would be like oh I wish Adam was more like Edward and stuff but I think my husband is even better than Edward :) xo

  3. Awe....get better Janel!!!!


  4. I can't wait for the I heart fall class either! :)

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Love the bowl with the pine cone in it. I reminds me of my Gram. :) I miss seeing you on my blog. Did you stop following?

  6. "Adam is better than Edward!"
    Luv it! That is so cute.
    Feel better soon!

  7. luv youuuuu. feel better soon pretty lady!!! oh and I hear Skype dates make the sick go away... just sayin'.

  8. :( Feel better! I know what you mean about it double sucking when you have to take a sick day when you love work...I hope I don't have to do that this year!

  9. hope you get to feeling better quick. I just helped you reach your giveaway goal.. I am a new follower...


  10. feel better! I am sick too! Boo for sickness!! :)

  11. Oh Sweetie, I hope you feel better soon! And I would like to say "thank you again for sharing your gift of 'creativeness'"!


  12. very inspiring!


  13. I also can not wait for the Fall Class, I keep checking every day wishing it was Sept 13 already!!


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