02 September 2010

another kind friend.

Kami from this lovely blog, has come up with another sweet little fundraiser to help with Adam and I's adoption!

Here is what she writes:

``Dah-Duh's are named after my BFF's son Koan, who calls everything in sight a dah duh. On a family cabin trip one day he saw me drawing silly monster pictures, pointed at them and exclaimed (at the top of his lungs) DAH-DUH! And the idea was born! These little mini Dah-Duh`s are made from Eco-Felt, stuffed with 97% recycled polyfill, and are hand sewn by mois with much love. I can create them in nearly any color combination desired.``

Get your Dah-Duh's here

They will retail for $15 each, free shipping within Canada, and $5 from everyone will go to you darling!"

Aren't these cute!! 
They remind me of Twilight :)  You know, my new obsession!
Or little zombie friends :)
Please, check out Kami's adorable blog and read more about her cute creations!!


  1. Awe...how sweet that you have all these friends helping you out!!!

    I heart Twilight! I didn't think I would get hooked and I did.


    You should stop by and read my post for today...encouraging...just in case you needed some! :) Have a great day Janel!


  2. I'm super duper happy to be helping out!!!! Adoption is sooooo wonderful!

  3. such a blessing to have such kind and generous friends!



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