19 May 2010

happy wednesday

Here are a few things that are brightening up my life tonight :), besides the obvious, of course...
1. My amazing wall hanging from Dottie Angel

2. This side of my studio

3. This other new little addition to the studio. These are some of my favorite tiny pieces of art that I wanted on display for instant inspiration

4. A stack of grannies from The Great Granny Square swap!

5. New scentsy for the house that ordered from Jamie's MS fundraiser

6. New red shoes!

7. An amazing owl in an amazing wreath

8. This perfect picnic basket that I scored at Marshalls this past weekend. Collapsable, insulated, and octupus print!!

9. And finally, my most favorite antique/vintage shopping score EVER!! This amazing full size, 1930's, hand sewn, GORGEOUS, amazing condition quilt. It's our new quilt for our bed and I am in loooooooooove.

So much silly stuff to be thankful for. It makes me wonder how I ever have anything to complain about when I have sooo much more than I could ever need.
I love you.


  1. Eep! Those red Toms are next on my "to buy" list :P

  2. I love your studio space, and that quilt is amazing!!

  3. You have a BEAUTIFUL studio.
    I wish I owned my own house so I could more freedom with my space...


  4. Wow! That quilt is amazing. Lucky find! :)

  5. Beautiful! I want to come over and play soon!!!! Seriously, we need to plan a date!!!! Love you! xoxo

  6. Oh man, I love your studio space! Do I spot a Rachel Denbow painting? :)

    And I'm kind of envious of your little granny squares!

  7. Oh my goodness!!!!! I love it all!!! What great taste!!! :D I tried on some Toms the other day and fell in love!!! They are so comfy!! Awesome score on the quilt!!!! Quilts are sooooo much fun and I love the stories that they can tell!!!

  8. oh dear, fun stuff! i love that wall hanging, and that shop!

    your crafty space is so perfect and organized!!!

    great finds!! woo hoo!

  9. Anonymous20 May, 2010

    Love the love quilt and pretty cool pics of Picasso love kab

  10. I love love the quilt... What a great find! I am also sooo envious of your studio space.. I wish I was that organized!


  11. dig ur studio! busting up about the scentsy pic. i just photographed my scentsy scents 4 the online art journal class.

  12. Love the picnic basket and that quilt is out of this world!! Great finds!!
    Have a great weekend!


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