23 May 2010

last week!

Yes, it is the last week of school for this school year!!
I am soooo excited.
I have very big plans which include a pool, soft pretzels, and a killer tan.
That's my summer :)
This weekend was amazing! I was able to spend lots of time with Adam. We even went on a geocache adventure last night at eleven o'clock so that I could have my very first FTF ( first to find). It was awesome. I love him.
Also, I completed a very cute art journal page:

AND I haven't completed today's prompt yet but I will show you the picture that I am using for inspiration.
I adore this:

I will try and post a picture tonight of my page after I complete it :)
Ummm...did I mention, LAST week of school!!
ok, I love you.


  1. I am also totally rejoicing in the last week of school. Let's have a cowboys and indians party to celebrate. :)

  2. I too am celebrating the last week of classes!! Let's have a cowboys and indians party to celebrate. :)

  3. love, love, LOVE your teepee page!

    i would love to see some of the things that you've found geocaching -- i keep wanting to try it! i'm just curious what you've stumbled onto!


  4. So jealous of you girls! I have three and a half more weeks. :(

    <3 Jenny-Lynn

  5. Enjoy the last week cutest Janel!!
    PS I love the inspiration for the page, can't wait to see what you creative from it! :)

  6. happy last week of school!! In DK we had our last week, last week ;P ha ha.. Beautiful art journal! love your style

  7. 7 more days!! love you!

  8. pool, soft pretzels and sun sounds A-MAAAAAAZING!!!! I wish i were there to enjoy with you! <3 MUAH

  9. just found your blog and I love it. can't wait to read more. :)

    nicole visiting from http://lettersfromcoco.blogspot.com/


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